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Only those who are willing to go far know how far one can go!

From Madras to Mexico, my journey has always been accompanied with the a big piece of my rich Indian culture & heritage. Food is always a great way for to learn about a country and its culture. In 2012, having moved across the world, the quest for good authentic Indian food in my new home was rather disappointing and led me down this path to a solution.

Life is like a Sandwich, you have to fill it with the best ingredients.

In 2014, G-Spice was born with these primary goals: Providing authenticity & top quality products! These are 2 things that we are absolutely committed to and will not compromise on. The brands we carry are top quality brands very popular among the Indian diaspora. Over the years we have continued to explore and add more top-quality products to our expanding catalog.

We have been operating from our home base in Queretaro, QRO shipping products all over Mexico for almost 5 years. With our new online presence and product listings we are able to bring you G-Spice Online providing our customers with a much more efficient and streamlined experience. These improvements allow us to get the products you seek to you much quicker and at affordable shipping rates.

We are excited and we look forward to bringing you the best experience as you shop online with us. Providing authentic Indian groceries we play a role that makes us feel happy, helping our Mexican customers’ to experience absolutely authentic and with the best quality products. We are always happy to hear from our customers and learn about their needs and challenges and we also appreciate any feedback you might have for us.

Thank you.


Founder & Owner